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traveling in Japan for 3 weeks 2018/3/7 23:40
Hi. I will be traveling in Japan for 3 weeks. First 4 nights, Tokyo. Next 4 nights in Hong Kong (why not)?. When I return from Hong Kong, I plan on traveling through Japan for the remainder of my trip. I am thinking of getting the JR Pass as I will be going to Kyoto (4-5 nights). Want to also spend time in the surrounding areas like Mt. Koya (one night), Osaka (1 night or day trip from Kyoto), Kinosaki (perhaps 1 night). Also interested in Central Japan (Chubu Area). This is my most complicated part. Not sure if to travel the area by car or if everything is easy enough through train. I want to visit Shirakawa, Kiso Valley, Taka, Kana and perhaps the Kurube Gorge. Dont know the best way to hit all this spots. Also, Should I do Tokyo-Kyoto-Chubu-Tokyo (fly out of Tokyo) OR Tokyo-Chubu-Kyoto-Tokyo.

Sorry for the confusion, never been to Japan!
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Re: traveling in Japan for 3 weeks 2018/3/8 11:32

I would say it depends on a few things like 1) What time of year you are planning this trip (Since I don't see any dates/Season) 2) Do you need to fly back out from Tokyo when you return to your home country and 3) Do you need to fly into Tokyo when coming back from Hong Kong. I would think for the latter it would make more sense to fly into either Kansai or Chubu so you don't need to back track as much and perhaps return from Chubu or Kansai Airport to your home country.

Also it's not really 3 weeks in Japan if you're spending 4 nights in Hong Kong.

Good luck!
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Re: traveling in Japan for 3 weeks 2018/3/8 23:34
Tokyo Has a Lot of things to explore.So 3 weeks is not sufficient/enough time.You need to come Japan
again to explore rest of thousands attraction.I strongly recommend you to Buy Greater Tokyo Pass 3 day=7200 ~.So definitely, invest 50400~ For unlimited time For 21 days in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama prefecture By Non JR & Bus.
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