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Sumo September Tokyo 2018/3/8 06:45

I have just realized that there is a sumo tournament during our Tokyo stay.
It starts the 9 of september (sunday) and we leave Tokyo the 11.
So we have these 9 and 10 of september as a chance.

I have seen that apart from advanced purchase there are some general admission tickets sold the same day.

Do you think that being the 10 of september a monday, and also the very beginning of the tournament, will these tickets run out? Quickly? Very quickly?

Can I go confidently around 9-10am and still get them? Only the general admission ones...

Anyway, if I go there around 9am, will be worthwhile? I have read that interesting wrestlers will be around 2-3pm but as we don't know anything about sumo, will we notice it? Maybe because the japanese crowd is more excited?

Any comment or suggestion would be welcomed.

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Re: Sumo september Tokyo 2018/3/8 15:06
It is a special experience so if you have the opportunity definitely go. And I would buy tickets upfront. An the first day they become available. I tried a few years back for a weekend and about 2 h after opening presales there were already no tickets. Yes, weekdays is a bit easier but why taking a chance when you can conveniently buy them online:

Yes there is a difference in the higher class sumo fighters. Obviously the fights get better, but also the ceremony around it, the excitement of the masses, their vestments...
I went to Fukuoka last year and the gstadium g only got full at the highest wrestlers. I would however come earlier. You can get your bento, have a nice picknick lunch and then watch the two highest devisions .

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Sumo september Tokyo 2018/3/8 16:51


Yes. I would like to go!

Buying tickets in advance has a problem. We are 2 adults and 2 small children. Correct me if I am wrong but the cheapest tickets are 3800y plus 1000y fee. And I think that children pay the same. So it would be roughly 20.000 y.

On the other hand, same day general admission is 2200 per adult and 200 per child. Roughly 5.000y and this is quite a difference specially since we are not sumo experts.

My idea would be arrive around 8am, buy our tickets (hopefully) but enter in the arena around 14-15h, so that we can spend 3 hours there when the atmosphere is more interesting at the end of the day.

As we come with children, it is not possible to do a 6-7am line, so my question is if it is likely to get tickets if we get there around 8am (monday, and second day of the tournament).

Ot it is simply impossible?

Another question is if all the unsold tickets are sold the same day at 2200y/p or just the last row ones?

Thanks for your help.
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Re: Sumo september Tokyo 2018/3/18 06:11
Buying tickets for sumo is expensive.
Check the site and see what they charge for their cheaper seats. This is a reliable site, set up several years ago especially for foreigners to purchase tickets from overseas in advance. Check the 4 seat option, where you sit together, and can share food.
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