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Free space in Tokyo for Choir Practice 2018/3/8 10:16
Dear Everyone, my name is Amelia from Jakarta, Indonesia.
I'm asking about is there any free space in Tokyo for Choir Practice ?

I have a group that they will attend Tokyo International Choir Competition 2018 on July 28th.
If you guys have an information about that, will be appreciate.
Thank you,
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Re: Free space in Tokyo for Choir Practice 2018/3/9 06:10
any free space in Tokyo for Choir Practice ?

I'm in a number of music groups, and I have found the the best bets for finding free space for music rehearsals are 1). kominkan (community centers run by the city government); 2). churches; and 3). cafes.

To use a kominkan free, you may have to register your group. Go to your local kominkan and ask.

To use a church, it helps to have a connection. Perhaps one of your choir members also sings in a church choir.

As for cafes, try a place run by a foreigner, or a cafe that has a piano and encourages music making. Hang out there and get to know the owner, and ask if you can come in after hours, perhaps for a modest fee (eg: everyone agrees to buy a beverage). Or offer to provide some free music during business hours.

If nothing pans out, see if one of your choir members goes to a university. If so, he/she should be able to sign up for a room on campus for no fee.

And if you still don't have any luck, you could try contacting the competition organizers and asking for their advice.

Good luck!

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