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Discussing shakai hoken in Japanese 2018/3/8 13:46
Can someone translate this for me? I could easily use Google Translate, but I'd rather it be in natural Japanese to avoid any misunderstandings.

I am currently in the process of moving out of (city) and changing employers. I will soon be enrolled on my new employer's ŽÐ‰ï•ÛŒ¯. Can I withdraw from (city)'s ‘–¯Œ’N•ÛŒ¯ and ‘–¯”N‹à through the mail? It will be very difficult for me to visit (city) City Hall during weekday hours.

*** FYI I know it's very unlikely that they will allow me to submit this paperwork through the mail. However, they did allow me to submit other paperwork through the mail... So here's to hoping! It would be much easier than taking a new day off so early from my new job. The start date has been moved up due to the woman I'm replacing leaving very suddenly.
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Re: Discussing shakai hoken in Japanese 2018/3/8 17:19
now: you are in city A. you are in ‘–¯Œ’N•ÛŒ¯ and ‘–¯”N‹à of city A. you have ”N‹àŽè’ .

moving from city A to city B.
changing from company A (in city A) to company B (in city B)
future: you will be in city B. you will join the company's ŽÐ‰ï•ÛŒ¯.

moving from city A to city B.
you have to go to city A office and write a document A,“]o“Í, which shows you have a moving plan from city A to city B. you will receive the document B,“]oØ–¾‘, from city A.

after you move to city B, you have to go to city B office within 2 weeks. you give them the document B,“]oØ–¾‘,(which you received from city A) and write a document C, “]“ü“Í. they will write your new address on Ý—¯ƒJ[ƒh and ƒ}ƒCƒiƒ“ƒo[’Ê’m‘iƒJ[ƒhj.

at the both times, you had better bring your passport, your Ý—¯ƒJ[ƒh, ƒ}ƒCƒiƒ“ƒo[’Ê’m‘(ƒJ[ƒh)
, and ‘–¯Œ’N•ÛŒ¯Ø (if you have).

after you finish the paperwork at city B, city B inform city A that you actually have moved (and you finish the paperwork). then, city A will write your moving on their database that you move from address A in city A to address B in city B. if you don't take the necessary paperwork at city B, your moving will not be recorded on city A's database. (pending)
(if you don't take the paperwork at city A, you can't take the paperwork at city B. you will be refused, because of the absence of “]oØ–¾‘(B).)

at the new company B, after you fix the new address(B)
you show your ”N‹àŽè’  and fill some documents. company B will take care the following paperwork that joins you ŽÐ‰ï•ÛŒ¯. the organization of company B's ŽÐ‰ï•ÛŒ¯ (generally, “ú–{•ÛŒ¯‹@\) will inform city B that you join ŽÐ‰ï•ÛŒ¯, instead of you. ( you don't need to any paperwork to remove ‘–¯Œ’N•ÛŒ¯ and ‘–¯”N‹à.)
“ú–{•ÛŒ¯‹@\ have all your record of ‘–¯”N‹à and ŽÐ‰ï•ÛŒ¯.
ŽÐ‰ï•ÛŒ¯ overcomes ‘–¯”N‹à.( it means that ,if you join ŽÐ‰ï•ÛŒ¯, @‘–¯”N‹à and ‘–¯Œ’N•ÛŒ¯ will be automatically cancelled).
but, if you finish the joining of ŽÐ‰ï•ÛŒ¯(when you change the companies), you have to take paperwork to join either another company's ŽÐ‰ï•ÛŒ¯ or ‘–¯”N‹à(and ‘–¯Œ’N•ÛŒ¯) .

some paperwork can be done by post mail. but, it takes time and also you have to fill all necessary columns with no mistake. it is better to go to city offices.
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Re: Discussing shakai hoken in Japanese 2018/3/9 17:20
Hello Ken, thank you for your very thorough reply! Let me see if I understand... I MUST enroll in my new city's National Health Insurance. Once my new company enrolls me in their shakai hoken, National Health Insurance will AUTOMATICALLY be cancelled? I don't have to do anything and it's automatically cancelled?

Sorry, I just want to make sure because my friend said even after joining shakai hoken the city continued to send new National Health Insurance bills - so he was paying for TWO health insurances!
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Re: Discussing shakai hoken in Japanese 2018/3/9 22:22
sorry, I made mistakes.
the system is different between pension and health insurance. (I made a confusion.)
about pension: you don't have to do anything, because national pension and company's pension (shakai hoken) are totally controlled at “ú–{•ÛŒ¯‹@\. they know the double joining. they will tell you the refund automatically.

about health insurance: company's health insurance (shakai hoken) and national health insurance are independent.
company's health insurance is under “ú–{•ÛŒ¯‹@\, whereas national health insurance is under city office.
you have to take paperwork at city office, when you change health insurance, from national health insurance to company's health insurance.
since one person can join only one health insurance, if you pay double, you have to ask the refund.
in that case, you can ask the refund of national health insurance.

"I MUST enroll in my new city's National Health Insurance."
you don't need to do that, if you are very sure that you will join the company's shakai hoken.
in April, many freshmen (also women) will move and get jobs in Japan. they will not join national health insurance, when they are sure they will join their company's shakai hoken. that is quite ordinary.
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