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3 nights Takayama? 2018/3/8 19:36
We have three nights between Kyoto and Magome... would it be ok to spend all three in Takayama?
Thinking of hiring a car there.
And then what would be the best way to get from Takayama to Magome?
Many thanks.
(Travelling 2 adults 2 young kids).

Re: 3 nights Takayama? 2018/3/9 15:40
Takayama is good for 3 days, sure, but I would consider also Matsumoto. They both are great for daytrips, and have plenty to see in town as well. From Matsumoto is good train connection to Kiso valley.
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Re: 3 nights Takayama? 2018/3/10 00:51
Takayama for 3 days might be a bit long for some people. There's certainly a good day's worth of stuff to do there, but after that you might get a little fed up in what is quite a small place.

You could take a (bus) trip to Shirakawa, perhaps. Or you could spend a night in an onsen ryokan in the Oku-Hida region, if that's of interest (an hour or so on the bus, IIRC, if you don't want to hire a car).
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Re: 3 nights Takayama? 2018/3/10 19:24
Many thanks for your replies.
Does anyone know if we could drive straight from Takayama to Magome? Ideally dropping our rental car off at Magome?
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