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Day trip to Nara suggestions? 2018/3/9 01:05
I was looking for suggestions for what to do and eat on a day trip to Nara from Osaka!

What places should be avoided? What are the best hours to visit the famous temples and shrines? Wefre should we go first and wefre should we end the day? Itinerary suggestions? Should we have dinner in Nara or in Osaka?

We definitely wanted to visit Todaiji and Nara park. Is Horyuji temple a good second option? Originally I wanted to end with the sunset at yakushiji but for what Ifve read the shrine will be completely covered for restorations until 2020 so what is another good option for the sunset?
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Re: Day trip to Nara suggestions? 2018/3/9 15:26
Start your day early and be at Todaiji at the time of opening. This is the only way to avoid insane crowds.
Then make your way up the hill to Nigatsudo. There are two different approaches up. Both have their own charm.
Then walk over from there to Kasuga Taisha. This might now be already quite busy, but if you have only 1 day in Nara, you cannot be in two locations for opening hours. Walking there you are going through Nara park.
Then you can either make it down to Nara machi , eat there and maybe have a relaxing bath in one of the many traditional sentos still remaining and go back to Osaka.
Or if you still have time, you could walk to the former residence of Shiga Naoya, a lovely small house with a coffeehouse right outside and then to SHINyakushiji which for me was a really nice temple because of its statues. If then you are still full of energy and time there is a modern museum for photography close by.

I would need two days for this. But admit to be a slow travelled

There are other options from r a day in Nara obviously.

Enjoy your trip to Nara!
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