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Japan Paid Wi-fi reliability? 2018/3/9 18:53
I am trying to figure out the usage of Wi-Fi while in Japan.

There are apparently a rental "box" you can pick up in Japan for your cell phone or laptop but that is too much items to carry around for me.

So I will have to rely on free or paid Wi-fi hot spots. I will stay in some hotels offering free Wi-fi (like Toyoko Inn) but in case I go out and want to connect I need the hot spots.

What are your experiences with these hot spots? I tried downloading the Travel Japan WiFi app but had to register for Facebook account (which I don't have) or the like and reviews say it does not work.

Softbank offers 2 week free WiFi but again, not sure about the reliability.

Then Docomo offers paid Wifi for a small charge. Not sure about reliability there either.

I plan to use Wi-Fi for checking mail, checking flight status, train routes and possibly Skype if possible.

by Mioko (guest)  

Re: Japan Paid Wi-fi reliability? 2018/3/10 17:37
The free wifi is hit and miss. The wifi in hotels tends to be good.

The wifi hotspot you don't wanna carry around with you is about 7x5x2cm in size. I dont think it should cause you issues.
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Re: Japan Paid Wi-fi reliability? 2018/3/10 19:04
Yeah, my wallet is bigger than the wifi devices I rent. It fit in my jacket's inside breast pocket snugly.
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Re: Japan Paid Wi-fi reliability? 2018/3/10 19:27
Well I still find it a hassle as I dont want to carry around too many valubles, its not only about size.

Then I am not sure if I can pick up and return it to different airports...
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Re: Japan Paid Wi-fi reliability? 2018/3/10 20:11
It is usually mailed back to the provider.
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Re: Japan Paid Wi-fi reliability? 2018/3/10 21:46
First of all, you can use free computers with Internet access at a lot of libraries in cities. They're libraries, so it's easier to ask for assistance.

With that out of the way, I'm a Japanese resident who only uses a Windows computer, so things may be different, but I've done work using free WIFI provided by organizations such as Seven Eleven here in Japan and have had no problem whatsoever. I'm a translator, so I do things like emailing through cloud computing, and Googling articles, images and Youtube footage. Also, certain municipals like Ota-ku, Tokyo provide free WIFI in its city center, and that was great too. I've used it at a Family Mart and a Tully's within Ota-ku. I should note, however, that the (quick) registration was done in Japanese.

I've also noticed a free WIFI system available only for foreign tourists, and I wonder how reliable that is. You need to register your passport number, so I can't apply for it.

In any case, most if not all free WIFI only lasts for something like an hour. But after your hour is finished, all you have to do is to log-in again. Or you can utilize the occasion to rest your eyes.

The down side is that these WIFI is only available at conbini and cafes, so it's really best if you don't occupy the seats for more than an hour. Another thing is that you often can't find chairs and desks where free WIFI is available, but that can't stop you from doing a quick check to just to see if you've got mail.

The worse free WIFIs were that of McDonalds among others. In these cases, I wasn't able to access at all. Additionally, I've been to a remote island here in Japan where they had enough free WIFI spots but no computers for you to use.

Hope it helps.
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Re: Japan Paid Wi-fi reliability? 2018/3/11 20:08
Perhaps try a data only mobile simcard, and tether your connection to other devices.
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