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Tourist getting dental work 2018/3/11 22:30
Is it possible for a tourist with no health insurance to get dental work done here? If so, how could I calculate the price? My friend is visiting and needs a tooth pulled badly.
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Re: Tourist getting dental work 2018/3/12 06:33
Certainly a tourist with no health insurance can get dental work done in Japan.

If your friend will be in a large city, chances are there is a dental school. My advice would be to go there. They likely will have a walk-in clinic M-F during normal business hours. Just say that you don't have health insurance and will pay for treatment yourself. Take a credit card with you and show it, since a big dental school clinic/hospital should take a credit card, (whereas a small clinic probably won't take a credit card.) If you don't have a credit card, take cash.

You should get quality treatment at a dental school, and chances are the receptionist, hygienist, and especially the dentist may even know some English. (Also, it would be less risky than walking into any old clinic. Sad to say there are less-than-scrupulous medical practitioners everywhere, even in Japan.)

There's no way for you to calculate the price, and there's really no way for a receptionist, hygienist, or even a dentist to calculate the price without seeing the patient since there may be more that's necessary than simply pulling a tooth, such as some medicine.

Dental prices in Japan tend to be quite reasonable, and a dental school should charge you fairly.

Also, if you're worried that at a dental school an inexperienced dental student will treat you, have no fear. In Japan, dental students cannot treat patients. They must first finish school and receive their license.
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Re: Tourist getting dental work 2018/3/12 12:29
Just a rough guide on how much the charges are. . May differ from cities.

Many info on pricing, just google
Dentist fees in Japan.
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