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Shabu-shabu / Sukiyaki for one 2018/3/13 20:51
As far as I have heard shabu shabu and sukiyaki dishes are not normally served to one person only.

So I was wondering if there might be any one person only served restaurants for sukiyaki or shabu-shabu in Tokyo?

I mean, that serve those dishes for one person, not that the restaurant itself is catering only one person.
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Re: Shabu-shabu / Sukiyaki for one 2018/3/14 18:17
Try Shabusen in Ginza Core. I had my first Shabu Shabu there (solo) and I really liked it.
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Re: Shabu-shabu / Sukiyaki for one 2018/3/14 18:18
No, but in a high-end restaurant, it is only certain that you will have trouble
because you just don't know the right table manners of Japanese foods, no one laughs you, though.
This is a short film of shabu shabu, useing expressions a little exaggerated,
but it is "common sense" for Japanese that humanity comes out in table manners and more.

Anyway, both dishes are easy to make at home without using high-grade ingredients.
Basically, pot dishes(read wiki) in Japan are surrounded by several people, so conversation also gets fun.
In other words, like a party meal, so it is the same as several people eat a big pizza.
Sukiyaki main character is meat(beef usual, but pork and chicken also used),
but shabu shabu is also used "fish" instead of meat, "Tai(=sea bream) shabu" and
"Buri(=amberjack) shabu" are very famous, also dismantling work of fishes is not so hard.
(I might explain about good taste fishes at another Q, if someone posted.)

If you really want to eat alone without being disturbed by anyone, you can order it
"room meals" at mid or high class Japanese ryokans in Onsen town cheaper than mid Tokyo.
If you see the related videos thums, you can also find people eating alone at mid Tokyo.
Also you can.
More than listed in Japanese version, but staffs who can only speak Japanese including,
so I think that this is enough for beginners, not only hi-end ones, no worry.

I think that you are surprised at the quality and seasoning of the meat and more,
but if you come from a country where you do not eat "raw eggs", that one might be impacted.
I do not know how many times you ate "genuine" Japanese foods.

You may be proud of if you are caught in Japan by this Japanese guy.
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Re: Shabu-shabu / Sukiyaki for one 2018/3/15 01:52
It's not that I am unaware of table manners in Japan as I have been there several times, also to Japanese restaurants in my country.

I even was served shabu shabu or sukiyaki (dont remember which) on a local hostel once.

Hence, I want to try it again. But as I travel alone, it is a bit troublesome.
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Re: Shabu-shabu / Sukiyaki for one 2018/3/15 18:17
As I wrote before, if you have time try Shabusen in the Ginzacore building, it's pretty easy to find if you take the correct exit.
You would need to go to the B2 floor with the "counter seating". They will prepare the ShabuShabu right in front of you and everyone has a private Pot (which can be shared if I remember correctly). There should'nt be any issue at all. Also pricewise I don't remember it to be to expensive, you can also choose some higher grade meat.
I'm not sure about Sukiyaki as I never ate that one alone.
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