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How do students know if they passed? 2018/3/15 09:44
I don't remember much in detail, but when I was in elementary school, my teacher would say out loud the overall scores everyone got out of all the exams (and assignments--I think) and say if they passed or not. having said this, I normally want to know when students know if they passed grades in High school . So how does it work in Japan? is it different or the same? and when do they announce it?
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Re: How do students know if they passed? 2018/3/15 22:54
Actually, most students do "pass". But of course, scores would differ depending on the student. The way they announce it depends on the school and teacher, but as far as I know, every student gets their grade report back with the new grades filled in. Also, tests are typically handed back too, and the score or that particular test will be written on the answer sheet.
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