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Michi no eki 2018/3/16 02:07
Are there washing and drying machines at Michi no eki stations?
by Tali (guest)  

Re: Michi no eki 2018/3/16 12:18
I have never seen them at Michi-no-eki`s, but there are coin laundries in most towns.
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Re: Michi no eki 2018/3/16 15:27
Thank you very much
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Re: Michi no eki 2018/3/16 16:41
Michi no eki is usually located in the middle of nowhere or in a remote touristic center where people hardly live. So it's designed for drivers (both local and not) to stop by, get to know some of the local culture of the specific area, and maybe enjoy a quick lunch before buying some souvenirs made by the local farmers.

On the other hand, launderettes, or "coin laundry" as we call them, are designed for residents and therefore are located at places where people live. So if you drive into the residential centers of the town where there are less attractions, you may be able to find them. You can try to get some information at Michi No Eki. Coin laundries are often located near sento (public baths) too.
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