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Possible route in Yakushima 2018/3/19 07:59

I have a question regarding the feasibility of the following route in yakushima.

Day 1
- Flight Arrival 11:40, by supplies and take bus to Shiratani Unsuikyo;
- Kusagawa trail;
- Intersection Anno trail;
- Okabu trail to Jomonsugi

Day 2
- Miyanoura trail to Mount Miyanoura and travel all the way back to Arakawa trailer

Day 3
- Yakusugi Land
- return gear
- Flight leaves at 15:00

I want to travel with a bus.

Please let me know if this route is possible or if there are a alternatives.

Thanks !

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Re: Possible route in Yakushima 2018/3/19 17:43
I don`t know the trail names - but climbing to the Jomonsugi in just a few hours would seem impossible to me - if for no other reason than that there would be others on the trail, thus restricting your world class sprint uphill, over boulders, logs, streams, etc. I climbed from the Arakawa starting point (having arrived there by bus) walking from about 6am and made it back by about 5pm. And I was faster than some as I had nothing to carry (since I was returning on the same day). But then I am out of shape and it was raining the whole day, making some sections dangerously slippery. I do believe I saw a young and fast walker pass me on the way up, and return as I was still climbing – but then I don`t know that he actually climbed that far. So I won`t say impossible, but maybe unlikely.
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Re: Possible route in Yakushima 2018/3/19 19:54
OK, I found this... //The small grove is at the far end of the park on the trail to Tsuji Toge Pass. If you continue on this trail, it will eventually lead you to the Jomonsugi by way of meeting up with the Anbo Trail about halfway to the entrance of the Okabu Trail. The round trip to the Jomonsugi takes approximately twelve hours and is more difficult than the route that starts at the Arakawa Trailhead.//


So your considered route takes about 12 hours round trip, being more difficult than the route that took me 11 hours. Or 6 hours to jomonsugi...
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Re: Possible route in Yakushima 2018/3/20 06:58
Hi Paul. Thanks

I was not planning to return on the first day but stay overnight near one of the huts or just camp stond jomonsugi. As it will be night during arival i will be completing the way to miyounoura the following morning and the return late afternoon via the arakawa trail. Maybe camp there (if possible) and visit yakusugi land early and flight back in the afternoon.
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