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Refrigerator differences 2018/3/19 08:08
What is the difference between these refrigerators?

The only difference I can see is the energy consumption (Nԏd͗).

If that's the only difference, I don't mind buying the cheaper, but higher energy consumption refrigerator.

The salesman at Bic said it's not good though.

Is he right or is he just trying to upsell me?
by Urorya (guest)  

Re: Refrigerator differences 2018/3/19 15:26
Well, each type is different from one another, the differences are all written in the Sharp's pamphlet or website, and the reviews are right there on your link. And even if you buy a cheaper one, if the energy consumption is higher, you might end up paying more electricity bills than you saved when making your purchase.

Did the Bic clerk tell you in what ways it is "not good enough"? What is your concern? In any case, among the three, only one is not sold out.
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