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About sim card 2018/3/23 01:42
Hey guys!

Im pretty happy, got my student visa already~
so i was wondering about mobile plans and such, it seems people say that there are mobile companies that gives unlimited data plans, does those plans are that good?
Well i was thinking about getting unlimited data since now people use line or whatsapp for calls and such, can anyone give me an advice?

Thank you guys!
by HawkinsDuo  

Re: About sim card 2018/3/23 18:07
There is no true unlimited. Some plans are unlimited in quantity, but limited in speed. They may or may not work for you, depending on your needs. Calls use very little data anyway, unless you mean video calls.
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Re: About sim card 2018/3/27 06:46
Hi, HawkinsDuo.

I'm a Japanese working in Tokyo for 10 years. Great to hear that you got your student visa. Welcome to Japan .

You're asking is a very common here, but it'd take a long story to tell you in detail. So, if you have time, you are better off glancing the following articles.

True Meaning of gUnlimitedh: Japan Prepaid SIM/Pocket WiFi Service Frequent Misunderstanding

Several charts of providers for prepaid SIM card, rental SIM card, and rental pocket WiFi (prices, days, etc.)

Hope you'll have a wonderful experience in Japan.
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