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Ferry from Kagoshima to Amami Oshima 2018/3/25 01:55

I am trying to figure out the timetable for the ferry's from Kagoshima to Amami Oshima.
Unfortunately, the website of both A-line and Marix line are both in Japanese. Google translate doesn't do the trick, and when I call to both lines, unfortunately no English is spoken.

Ideally we'd like to leave on 23 May in the evening to Amami, but I'm not sure if it will be possible.

Does anybody know if there is an English/French/German/Dutch website somewhere, or is there someone who could translate the timetable?

Many thanks!
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Re: Ferry from Kagoshima to Amami Oshima 2018/3/25 09:12
I am afraid there might be no foreign language sites.

As for 23rd May, A-line operates ferry from Kagoshima to Amami.


Kagoshima 17:30 7:00 Naze (Amami Oshima).

They start to receive reservation from one month ahead. You can make reservation via telephone.
099-222-2338 Note that they receive only on week days, from 9:00 to 16:30. I think you can ask your accommodation to call A-line.
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Re: Ferry from Kagoshima to Amami Oshima 2018/3/26 16:07
Thank you for your reply!
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Re: Ferry from Kagoshima to Amami Oshima 2019/1/10 22:09
Thank you for the info! Do you also happen to know the fares for the ride? Is there a difference between just passage and sleep? I understand there are tatamis on the boat and people are usually sleeping there during the trip.

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