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Kawaguchi North Coast Walking Trail 2018/3/25 22:03

We're planning to go see Mt. Fuji Station from Chureito Pagoda. and after Chureito Pagoda, we want to see Mt. Fuji from a lakeside view on Kawaguchi North Coast Walking Trail. I already saw a route via google maps on how to get there from Churieto Pagoda. here are the directions that we got:

1. from chureito pagoda, take the train from shimo yoshida and get off at Fujisan Station
2. take the bus from Fujisan-eki (4-ban) with this label (Fujisan-eki hatsu Kōfu-eki basutāminaru Katamo-iki Kōfu-eki ) and get off at Kaida-hi mae

here are my questions:
1. from what I understood, Fujisan-eki (4-ban) means Stand No. 4. is this correct?
2. I can't seem to find Kaida-hi mae when I tried to search for it in google. Is this also correct? I am kind of skeptical of the results showed by google maps.
3. any suggestions on how to get to Kawaguchi North Coast Walking Trail?

I'll be looking forward to the responses. Thank you very much in advance! :)
by John Alfred (guest)  

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