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1 night in takayama 2018/3/29 00:10
only stay 1 night in takayama is enough?
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Re: 1 night in takayama 2018/3/29 07:21
Hi. I really like Takayama. Even if you are templed out, the park is nice for a walk/hike to the top where the old castle foundations are (really just mounds, but it is fun to take a breather and watch the birds which are really active there), the old town is interesting, the little beef restaurants are great, and there is a squirrel park about 5 minutes out of town by taxi that is really worth seeing. The morning markets arent particularly interesting IMO, but an early morning walk through the town is nice.

I've stayed there maybe a week all up over a few trips and I'd still go back for more. It is a great place to spend a couple of nights to wind down. That said, some people arent that impressed and think you could see everything worth seeing in a few hours. Ultimately if you like to have a relax, then I'd spend two nights. But if the park walk isnt your thing and you'd rather eat squirrels than feed them, then overnight would be plenty.
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Re: 1 night in takayama 2018/3/29 08:22
Yes, that can be enough. Depends what you want to do. My typical vists include:
Showa reto museum (went again yesterday),
Hidamura folk village (if not going to Shirakawa-go)
Preservation districts
Float museum and nearby puppet museum/show
And a few other spots around town that are worth a stop. I've had guests that liked walking the park/hill walking routes, and others that do like the morning markets or just relaxing and enjoying an onsen.
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Re: 1 night in takayama 2018/4/19 21:00
I stayed for one night a couple of weeks ago, and I wish I had stayed for 2 nights!
I think one night can be enough if you rush. But make sure to not miss the last train parting from Takayama in the afternoon!
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