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Nara or Kyoto to stay in? 2018/3/30 00:41
Planning a trip to Japan in July, wanting to spend at least 4 nights in one place at the end of our trip, but unsure whether to spend them in nara or Kyoto. Definitely want to see both cities. Being in beautiful Japanese culture and history is pretty important, more so than enightlifef. But also want to see the best of everything!!
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Re: Nara or Kyoto to stay in? 2018/3/30 10:55
There are some good hotels/hostels in each city as well as not so good ones. July in general is not high season for both cities so you might be able to find good rate. What is good place depends on your preference, but in general Kyoto has more sightseeing spots than Nara so you might better choose one in Kyoto. Use Tripadvisor or Trivago to find good place suitable for you.
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Re: Nara or Kyoto to stay in? 2018/3/30 15:26
Both cities are great to stay. Naramachi has a special feeling about. Not like a big city. If you have been staying before in Tokyo or Osaka maybe Nara is a better choice. But it depends if you want to see things in Nara or Kyoto. There are definitely enough things to see in Nara and around for 4 days. And you could do a daytrip to Kyoto. But if you do daytrips everyday to Kyoto then Nara might be inconvenient.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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first trip -Kyoto every time 2018/4/3 20:28
Kyoto is a big city and harbours the soul of tradtional Japan. Nara is a small town by comparison although there is much to see. If this is your first trip to Japan then Kyoto has the memorable sites - too numerous to mention. Take a day trip to Nara for the great bronze Buddha, the deer in the park, Horyiji, Sakushiji and so on - but stay n Kyoto for the most part. We live in Japan and visit Kyoto on vacation every year. One four-day stay in Nara last year was enough. Kyoto from now on!
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Re: Nara or Kyoto to stay in? 2018/4/3 20:58

unsure whether to spend them in Nara or Kyoto
In your situation, do not have a second thought, Kyoto it is!
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