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Debit cards have been sent back to VJA 2018/4/2 11:56
Dear all,

I am in a bit of troublesome issues. Recently I applied for the debit cards and credit cards from SMBC. Easy and smooth and the staff was really helpful. They have one english speaking staff who translated everything to me while I was filling the form. Done in one day. The staff said that they will deliver the debit card in one week and the credit card in three weeks.

Okay. No problem for me waiting the cards to be delivered. However I was not available at my apartment because I have to leave Tokyo for 12 days. When I grabbed the Undeliverable Item Notice from the mailbox and checked with the operator from JP, they told me that they already sent my debit card back to the card company VJA due to the mail package passed the 1-week retention time at the post office.

What should I do? Should I contact the SMBC Branch to let them know and ask them to somehow contact VJA to resend the debit card?

On the bright side I already requested JP to redeliver my credit card tomorrow morning.
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Re: Debit cards have been sent back to VJA 2018/4/2 18:48
If you knew that you were going to be away for 12 days, you could have given "notice of absence" to the Post Office for that time period, so that they would have held onto all the postal items during your absence at the post office (instead of returning to sender). Maybe for next time :)

Since you applied for the cards at the SMBC Branch (where they had English-speaking staff I assume) it would make sense to contact them and let them know what happened. Other than that, you don't have any contact number for anyone else at the bank or the financial group, correct?
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