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Good whiskies under 10K yen to add to cellar? 2018/4/5 20:56
OK, so I like Hibiki 17, but with 3 bottles on the shelf, and the price now insane, I'm looking for other good whisky buys and where to find them. I've access to stocks of The Chita, Nikka's Coffey Grain, and a few others - Hibikis (21, Harmony), Yamazaki 12, Miyagikyo NAS, and a few others. So I like the lighter, grain styles, but did like the rice nose of the Taketsuru 21 when I sampled it.

So, under 10K yen, i'm looking at Hibiki NAS, Nikka Coffey Malt, and maybe Yoichi. What else is both readily available (i.e not a dusty, back-street find that might be stumbled across), and worth adding to the cellar? Who usually stocks it in Asakusa?

I'll be sending my non-whisky-drinking partner to buy in May, so it has to be readily accessible.
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Re: Good whiskies under 10K yen to add to cellar? 2018/4/11 00:28
I like Nikka's Coffey Grain.
It is so sweet,smells like a vanilla.
If you like sweet taste, try it!

By the way, have you checked From The Barrel?
It seems that the reputation is good.
You can get it for 3K yen.

I don't know much about Asakusa.
So I can't announce where is good shop.
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Re: Good whiskies under 10K yen to add to cellar? 2018/4/11 16:45
Thanks Suba - I really like Nikka's Coffey Grain, that the main bottle I'm drinking at the moment. I'll get some more of this and some Coffey Malt if no other suggestions arise. I've had a couple of Nikka's from the barrel, and don't feel it has the smoothness that I'm after - I know it's highly regarded - maybe just not to my (maybe undeveloped) taste. Thanks again for the suggestions, they are both good ones.
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Re: Good whiskies under 10K yen to add to cellar? 2018/4/14 20:50
Wow,you know a lot about Japanese whisky!
I think your choice -Hibiki NAS, Nikka Coffey Malt, and Yoichi- is very good.
I don't have any other good ideas.

I went supermarket today.When I could find Hibiki NAS,Yoichi ,Coffey Grain and anymore.
You will can buy what you want at any liquor shop.
But if you are worried about where you should go , I suggest Kakuyasu.
There is near the Asakusa station.

I hope your partner to enjoy traveling!
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