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Kimono in May 2018/4/6 20:35
Is it appropriate and cold enough to wear a kimono in May? I will be in Kyoto next month and I was thinking about renting a kimono to wear for a day. Also, is it okay to wear it around in public to visit shrines etc, or will it look out of place and attention-seeking? Thank you!
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Re: Kimono in May 2018/4/7 15:14
It will be fine to wear as per any other time of the year.

Yes it may be warm to wear, but that is up to you to how you approach that.
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Re: Kimono in May 2018/4/7 22:04
Kimono was the only thing that people wore in Japan until the mid 19th century. So, of course, it's appropriate. In fact, it's too early to wear summer kimono (and of course yukata) which you're supposed to start wearing from June.

In other words, you're supposed to be wearing a kimono that is appropriate and comfortable for each specific season. But as suggested, just as some people find suits and tie too hot for certain months, you might find kimono too hot as opposed to a loose spring dress or a T-shirt. You do have to wear under garments.

Is it attention-seeking? Yes, because the percentage of people wearing kimono is quite low. But it's not like wearing an evening gown in the morning. It's more like wearing a morning coat in the morning, or like wearing a stylish hat to go shopping when everyone else isn't wearing one.

Anyway, I don't have a problem wearing kimono in May in Kyoto, as long as it's one that is appropriate for the season and occasion. And I like the attention.
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Re: Kimono in May 2018/4/9 18:12
My daughter rented a kimono in Matsumoto and she received many positive comments and smiles everywhere, especially by the older generation. It was about 70F and she said it was warm, but bearable. Hopefully that helps. It was the favorite part of her trip, I think. I wouldn't hesitate to do it if interested.
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Re: Kimono in May 2018/4/10 20:41
I live in Kyoto, and see people walking around in kimono nearly every day, all year round. Itfs just one of the fun gKyoto experiencesh people like to try when they come here, both Japanese and foreign tourists alike. You might be a bit warm in May, but the weather is still fairly mild then. And yes youfll likely get some attention, but Ifd be surprised if any of it were negative. Just do it and Ifm sure youfll enjoy the experience ;)
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