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Repair of overseas headphones in Japan? 2018/4/9 20:46
Hi there!
Currently living in Kyoto. I went to the Sony Center in Osaka for a repair of my Sony headphones a week ago.
Unfortunately, they totally refused to repair my headphone, because I bought them overseas and "the model is totally different". I don't think there's a difference; but even though; it's just a part of the frame that broke, so no electronics that have to be switched.
ANYWAY; my question is does anybody know a repair shop in the Kansai Area that does repairs for things that are bought overseas?
Otherwise I was thinking of inking out the CE Logo and lying that I bought it here in Japan, because I found the reaction kind of riddiculous.
Thanks for any advice!
by Jason B. (guest)  

Re: Repair of overseas headphones in Japan? 2018/4/10 10:12
Sony are really strict when it comes to repairing items, if the model is not available in Japan they will just refuse to do the repair, even if they look or have a model which is identical, but different model number.
and in some case, headphones cant be repaired, they just replace it with a new one, or another model.
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