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Legal Alias (Tsuushoumei) Experience 2018/4/10 15:13
I feel like there has been a thousand times this question has been asked, but I can't seem to find the answer. I honestly would have preferred if immigration had put my Chinese name onto my Zairyu Card, but they said Canadians cannot use kanji names.

I will go to the Ward Office in a few days and ask for the specifics of applying for a legal alias there, but before that could someone please let me know their experience?

1. What was your experience getting a Tsuushoumei (ʏ̖), after they got rid of the Juki Card?

2. I understand that it is often a Catch 22 to get one, but what documents did you use to obtain your legal alias? How did you get your legal alias onto those documents, especially since everybody asks for your passport name?

3. For someone staying in Japan long term, or planning to, is using a legal alias worth it?
For the people who want to say 'foreigners who use Japanese names are cringeworthy', I look completely Asian, and I don't have much of an accent when speaking Japanese. The only things that really give me away are my name and Zairyu Card.

4. Does the Tsuushoumei appear on the My Number Card or Juminhyo? If I want to be able to use the alias in everyday life, which should I apply for?

5. When dealing with institutions, what can I use a Tsuushoumei for? Opening a bank account? Can I use it to apply for a job, and only write that name on my resume? Would that cause trouble for when I apply for a work visa? Can I use it for my Inkan?

6. Are Tsuushoumei that are similar to your actual name easier to get? E.g. Snow, Summer - { n or n , vs Snow, Summer - Hc X

Thank you so much for answering my questions! I would be very grateful.
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Re: Legal Alias (Tsuushoumei) Experience 2018/4/10 15:45
Note that even if you get a legal alias, you cannot have it on your residence card. You can have it on your juminhyo, driver's license, health insurance card, my number card, or pretty much everything, but not on your residence card. The residence card uses the passport name, no way around that.
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Re: Legal Alias (Tsuushoumei) Experience 2018/4/11 18:54
Yeah, I figured there was no way around that. But it would be nice to have it on an ID that I could use as a proof of identity allowing me to use the legal alias instead of always being stuck with the long ass English name.

May I ask if you have experience obtaining a Tsuushoumei after they started using the My Number instead of Juki?
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Re: Legal Alias (Tsuushoumei) Experience 2018/4/11 18:55
Firas! Not Firaa! I'm so sorry!
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