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2 week holiday - Tohoku and Kyoto 2018/4/11 19:53
Hi all,

I am looking at booking a 2 week (13 days) trip to Japan for November. This will be my second trip and i'm interested in visiting some areas in Tohoku as on my previous visit we only went from Tokyo-Hakone-Kyoto. I do however still want to visit Kyoto again for at least 6 nights.

We would fly into Tokyo but just trying to figure out the logistics of travelling across the country.

Was thinking Tokyo-Tohoku (haven't decided on exact areas yet, possibly Sendai or Akita) - then to Kyoto and back to Tokyo

or Tokyo-Kyoto-Tohoku-Tokyo

Anyone ever done this route before? I don't want to be rushed and not have enough time in each place to really make it worth while.

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Re: 2 week holiday - Tohoku and Kyoto 2018/4/12 10:50
Hello, my trips in 2017 (end Oct) visited the Lake Towada & Oirase stream. Advise to stay 1 night if you can and pls check out the date close for winter. Next you can visit the apples farm and Hirosaki castle. There more you can see in Tohoko area.

Have fun travelling in Japan.
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Re: 2 week holiday - Tohoku and Kyoto 2018/4/12 15:18
These are the few places which I did as daytrips from Sendai
- Yamadera
- Hiraizumi / Geibikei Gorge
- Matsushima
- Naruko Gorge (if visiting early November)

Depending how much you want to see of Tohoku, perhaps also can consider Tokyo - Tohoku - Kanazawa
( ) - Kyoto - Tokyo
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Re: 2 week holiday - Tohoku and Kyoto 2018/4/12 15:20
You could consider flying on a multi trip ticket (open jaw).
Japan guide has an article on discounted fares offered to tourists in Japan.
Then use the train from Sendai- Kyoto then Tokyo thus eliminating backtracking

Eg London-Tokyo-Sendai (all on one ticket). Change from international to domestic is very convenient.
Return Tokyo - London

If thinking of the lower part of Tohoku, Sendai is quite a convenient city in terms of Shinkansen and to places of interest around that region. Also itfs quite lively and lots of places to eat. Akita on the other hand is quite different. It all depends on what you want to see and do. November is a lovely time to travel but do watch out as some places ( not Sendai or Akita) close for the winter. Itfs not called snow country for no reason.

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