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Fujikyu Railway and Fuji Tozan Densha 2018/4/12 21:47

I plan to travel between Kawaguchiko Station and Shimoyoshida Station. Hyperdia returns routes on Fujikyu Railway and Fuji Tozan Densha. Both options have the same fare, i.e. JPY 300 / way.

The Fuji Tozan Densha train looks nicer and would love to ride on this. Would I need to make a reservation to ride the Tozan Densha train, or just board it like any JR local trains?

Is Suica card accepted for both of these trains - Fujikyu Railway, and Fuji Tozan Densha ?

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Re: Fujikyu Railway and Fuji Tozan Densha 2018/4/13 12:27
Just buy a ticket and pay the extra 300 yen at the ticket office.

Personally I have rode in it. Other than some wooden interior. It is pretty boring. It does have a nice library, but unless you can read Japanese and are into Japanese trains, then I'd give it a miss.

You wont be on the train for long, so I just get a regular train.
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