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powdered soap for hands industrial 2018/4/13 10:49
Is powdered soap that is used to wash off on the hands for industrial type jobs available in Japan?
And if so what is it called? Would it be able to be bought at the regular store or a place like Workman?
Sometimes it is hard to get off some residue from compounds/chemicals/grime off the hand, I don't work in industrial but I am a diy and crafter and I sometimes use very strong glues that are mixed (put a and b together to make a really strong glue) and its really hard to get off the hands and sometimes I use other stuff with my diy that is hard to get off my hands, regular liquid soap doesn't really work very well, my dad worked in industrial and he always has powdered soap to get off stuff like that but I don't know how to find it in Japan.
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Re: powdered soap for hands industrial 2018/4/15 21:34
If you say "kougyou-you hando kuriinaa" (industrial-use hand cleaner), shops would come up with something like this:
(This one is paste)
(powder - you just rub it in)

DIY supply stores ("home centers") would probably have them.
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