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Gluten-free in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka 2018/4/17 04:34
I know this question has been asked before, but I am looking for specific recommendations for restaurants in Tokyo that serve gluten-free dishes. Vegan restaurant suggestions would be welcome too, as I find that vegan establishments understand the concept of gluten and why some people can't eat it.

My partner is gluten intolerant, and tests positive for the antibodies to qualify him as celiac, however eating small quantities of gluten does not harm him terribly, he just wouldn't go out and eat a loaf of bread, or choose a breaded or heavily wheat-laced option as his first choice, and that keeps him ok. He will most likely eat soy in his food in Japan, because it's hard to get away from, but would like to avoid obvious wheat-full choices.

I'd like to have some recommendations on restaurants that do serve gluten-free in Tokyo if there are any, vegan restaurants, or your favorite restaurants which serve styles of food which may not be as heavily wheat-laced as others. For example, sushi without the soy sauce is acceptable, but tempura, probably much less so!

Would also love to get recommendations on restaurants that serve "pure" 100% buckwheat soba noodles. This is something we're really interested in.

We are staying at the Hilton Shinjuku and the Prince Sakura Tower in Shinagawa in Tokyo, and will also be in Kyoto and staying in Umeda in Osaka, so suggestions around these areas are even more appreciated!
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Re: Gluten-free in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka 2018/4/17 12:47
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