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Trying to find this particular location 2018/4/17 18:48
Hello everyone,

I thought of giving it a shot and try asking here about a particular spot I'm trying to find and go to in Japan.

The spot is this:

Based on some speculative info I have it might be near the Komi Station, Koumi, Nagano Prefecture and after looking through google maps I have only two locations that might fit it:,138.5016526,146m/data=!3m1!1e3 and,138.419273...

Does anyone here happen to know more about it? Does anything in the first pic look familiar to you? I will be grateful for any info or point in the right direction.

Thank you very much
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Re: Trying to find this particular location 2018/4/18 16:33
Google image search worked for once, found this blog post:

Seems to be location of anime movie Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below 星を追う子ども
And you are correct, it seems to be around Koumi area of Nagano prefecture.

Unfortunately searching in Japanese I couldn`t find anything more specific online, either there wasn`t a big enough fanbase for the movie (director Makoto Shinkai is really popular now after the hit Your Name) or it`s a bit old by now (released in 2011)
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