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How many days in Kyoto? 2018/4/21 15:13
Hello friends! My friend and I are taking trip to Japan for the first time, and UGH it's been such a headache planning out our trip since we don't really know what we're doing.

Mainly I'd like some insight on how many days y'all think we should spend in Kyoto. We're looking at 2-3 days.

Our must-sees are pretty much just:
- Fushimi-inari
- Arashiyama
- Kinkaku-ji
- Ginkaku-ji
- Nanzen-ji
- Nishiki Market
- all the delicious food Kyoto has to offer

They're not looking to be too far away from each other on Google Maps but I mean... there's no way that's the best way of figuring that out..

Before Kyoto on our itinerary is a couple days each in Hiroshima and Osaka, and after is a week in Tokyo to wander around and eat and see the sights (TOKYO DISNEYSEA!!) before we head home. Neither of us are big shrine fans, but I'd like to at least spend some time walking around and taking pictures and the like since I don't know when I'll be able to come back. If y'all have more cool suggestions that'd be great too!

Honestly I'd like to take a day out of Kyoto (meaning, keep it at 2 days instead of 3) and use it to give us more downtime/wander around time after travel between Hiroshima/Osaka/Kyoto/Tokyo rather than having to get up and go right after long train rides (hopefully that made sense, it's pretty late where I am).

Nothing is set in stone whatsoever as there's lots of time before our trip (March 2019) but alas, I'm already getting anxious and very excited! Any insight/advice will be very much appreciated! Planning is so stressful! :((((
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Re: How many days in Kyoto? 2018/4/21 17:30
Your biggest regret would be spending only 2 days in Kyoto. Even 3 is short for what you want to see there unless you have a rocket ship to move you from one place to another and spent just 10 min in each place!

If I were you, I would drop Osaka unless youfre going to Universal Studios there.

Use the trip planner and the itinerary section on this site to figure out a better allocation of time.
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Re: How many days in Kyoto? 2018/4/21 17:54
I'm looking at about 2.5 days worth of locations listed. So I would allocate 3 full days, cos between now and you day of travel, I'm sure you'll find more things you wanna see.
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Re: How many days in Kyoto? 2018/4/21 17:58
As the above poster suggests, I would drop Osaka & add those days to Kyoto. You can always day trip to Osaka if you want. The fewer hotel changes you make the better as they are the most disruptive part of a trip. Even though you can leave luggage before check in. Hiroshima, Kyoto & Tokyo have enough for several trips.
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Re: How many days in Kyoto? 2018/4/21 20:58
I guess when you say that you are not very much into shrines, that this also includes Buddhist temples. (On your list is only one shrine, Inari).
If you arenft so interested in that part of Japan I would reduce your list by about 30%. Keep Arashiyama, Ryoanji and Kinkakuji for one day and Inari and other places for day 2.

Now this assumes that you are actually not into ancient Japan and will enjoy instead Osaka.

If it were MY trip Ifd say to spend at least a week in Kyoto and 0 days in Osaka. But thatfs me.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: How many days in Kyoto? 2018/4/23 00:35
I just got back on the 16th, and had a wonderful time. I arrived on the train Fri night and left Mon morning, so I had two full days. That was enough for me, but just barely - and that's considering that I was alone and able to travel efficiently at my own pace (which is fast) from one place to another. Even if you aren't into shrines/temples, I think you will still want 2 full days. It's a beautiful town with lots of amazing gardens, shopping, and restaurants. And don't be afraid to take the bus. It's very well marked (digital signs onboard in English) and is probably the most efficient (time and money) way to get around, especially if you're pressed for time.
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Re: How many days in Kyoto? 2018/4/30 14:29
Here's sample itinerary for your 2-day tour in Kyoto:
JR Kyoto Station(0:00)¨JR Inari Station(0:05)¨Fushimi Inari Shrine(2:00)¨Keihan Fushimi Inari Station(2:15)¨Sanjo Keihan Station(2:40)¨Keage Station(2:50)¨Nanzenji Temple(3:50)¨walking along Philosopher's Path to Ginkakuji Temple(5:50)¨JR Kyoto Station by bus(6:30)
JR Kyoto Station(0:00)¨JR Saga Arashiyama Station(0:20)¨Bamboo Forest,Tenryuji Temple(2:00¨Togetsukyo Bridge(2:30)¨Keifuku Arashiyama Station(2:45)¨Kitano Hakubaicho Station(3:05)¨Kinkakuji michi Bus Stop(3:15)¨Kinkakuji Temple(4:30)¨Kinkakuji Michi Bus Stop(4:45)¨Shijo Kawaramachi Bus Stop(5:30)¨walk to Nishiki Market(6:30)¨Subway Shijyo Station(6:40)¨Kyoto Station(6:45)

It seems two days are enough for the tour on the above.

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