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Hirosaki Cherry blossom information? 2018/4/23 00:21

We have train reservation (only shinkansen) from: 1) Tokyo - Hirosaki on May 1. 2) Hirosaki - Kakunodate on May 2. My dilemma are:
1) Hirosaki - Due to recent warm weather, will blossom will last until 5/1? I have been monitored the weather forecast and it does not seem to have any strong wind or storm yet in the forecast. I follow the Hirosaki forecast website and it seems like there are some late blooming starts on April 28. It does not have to be peak or full bloom, as long as it is not completely bare with leaves. Is it worth an overnight stay to explore the area, and photograph the nature beauty of this place especially the night illumination.
2) Kakunodate is south of Hirosaki but seems like the opening date is not until April 24, so will be greater chance for me to see us to see it at full bloom?
3) I can change the date to arrive April 30 instead of May 1 but is it more likely April 30 still holiday and will be much more crowded.

Thanks in advance for your reply!
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Re: Hirosaki Cherry blossom information? 2018/4/23 12:35
See the Twitter, Instagram and FB.
÷ : sakura
O‘O : Hirosaki
ŠpŠÙ : Kakunodate
ŠJ‰Ô(kaika) : blooming starts
–žŠJ(mankai)Ffull blooming (peak, best timing)
- •ªç‚«(-bu zaki) : rate of full blooming
3•ªç‚«(san-bu zaki) = 30%
5•ªç‚«(go-bu zaki) = 50%
7•ªç‚«(shichi/nana-bu zaki) = 70%
ƒ\ƒƒCƒˆƒVƒm(SomeiYoshino) : most common species, Pink color is thin, close to White

Although you can search for images only, but many pics of the past including.
If warmer day continues, you may have to change the schedule.
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Re: Hirosaki Cherry blossom information? 2018/4/23 15:16

We visited the park 28 April 2016. The peak could have just past then, probably 2 days earlier.
However, the beautiful petals floating on the moats was so beautiful, and the added bonus of boating in the rear moat (at the rear of the castle), surrounded by floating petals was so memorable, could be very romantic for some.
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Re: Hirosaki Cherry blossom information? 2018/4/25 08:22
I attended Hirosaki on Saturday (1st day of the festival, 21st) and some of the 52 varities were in/near full bloom (because it is an early season), and others were still just coming to bud. In another week, there should be some good blossom, but not as impressive as this week. it is a famous site for good reason (2,600 trees on a large site).
Last week I skipped Kakunodate because the forecasts for this year indicated it would be later than suited our travels (visited Kitakami instead). Ogawara was also off my list last week as I had been there the week earlier and it was heading past best blossom.
I have visited Hirosaki each year the past few years for cherry blossom, those seasons are not like this one, so not really comparable. I also like the castle park other times of the year - I visit a couple of times a year outside of blossom season because it is a worthwhile destination without the sakura.
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