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Himeji sightseeing with time constraint 2018/4/29 00:34

I'll be doing a daytrip to Himeji this May.

Planning to see these places:
- Engyoji
- Himeji castle
- Senhime Peony Garden
- Kokoen

Here's my situation:
I'll be coming from Hiroshima and my ETA at Engyoji is 11am. (I'll take the ropeway). Planning to spend an hour and a half there, then, I'll be heading straight to Himeji castle, Peony Garden, and Kokoen. I'm allotting 1hr per place (maybe 30min for Peony garden).

The thing is, I have to be back at Himeji station by 3:45pm as I'll be going to Takayama and it will take a travel time of 4hrs more or less.

Is my schedule rushed or something? I don't want to rush my stay at each place.

If it is rushed, which one of them can I remove from my schedule?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Himeji sightseeing with time constraint 2018/4/29 09:16
Too rushed.
The bus ride alone from Himeji train station to the ropeway station (at the bottom of the hill) is about 30 minutes. Must see are the castle and Mt Shosha, the others should be regarded as optional if time permits.
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Re: Himeji sightseeing with time constraint 2018/4/29 15:41
Also, you're missing Himeji's most important cultural landmark, Nekobiyaka, the world's only all-black-cat cat cafe: http://animalcafes.com/v/25546.html

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