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Kanazawa to Osaka 2018/4/30 04:13
Hello, I will be traveling to Japan in August. I would like to take the "Thunderbird" train from Kanazawa to Osaka. This is my only train trip so I do not need a JR Rail pass. Can I book the tickets in advance from America? If not, is it easy to buy the tickets in Japan, and is there a danger that the trains will sell out?

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Re: Kanazawa to Osaka 2018/4/30 06:23
You can buy the tickets when you get to Japan. You can buy them from any JR train station in Japan. As far as availability, you mention you are coming in August. The middle of August is the Bon season and may people travel, so this may be an issue. If you are flexible with time and date, it shouldn't be too much of an issue. I would just buy them as quickly as you can once you get to Japan.
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Re: Kanazawa to Osaka 2018/4/30 06:36
Thank you!!
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Re: Kanazawa to Osaka 2018/4/30 07:55
Tickets are easy to buy once you arrive.
Normally that train does not sell-out, but sometimes seats do get tight. Having some flexibility for time of travel gets around that.
There are a couple of third-party services that do train ticket buying - some are better than others. I do ticket buying occassionally for people (not often - not my core business).
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