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bus to ubako 2018/4/30 05:33
any bus from Moto-Hakone or Hakone shrine to Ubako Green Plaza hotel if ropeway close after 5pm.
is cover Hakone free pass and how long by bus?
then how long walk from bus stop to hotel?
also next day from hotel to Odawara for Takayama, by ropeway-cable- train or bus,
which one faster?
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Re: bus to ubako 2018/4/30 09:34
If you are staying at Green Plaza Hotel Hakone, I suggest that you return at least to Togendai (with the boat across the lake) at the end of the day. From there you can take the bus to Ubako, and the hotel is 5-minute walk from Ubako bus stop.

If you try to get to that hotel from Moto Hakone or Hakonemachi side, you'd have to make a big detour via Gora, and that takes a long time. If you end up on that side at the end of the day with no boat and no ropeway, I would recommend getting a taxi along the lake to the hotel, or there might be an Izukyu bus that is not covered by the pass, but I am not familiar with the timetable.

Also check the dinner starting time at the hotel so that you'll be there in time.
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Re: bus to ubako 2018/4/30 20:58
how about next day from hotel back to odawara
all the way ropeway,cable,train to there or have direct bus?
which one faster?
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Re: bus to ubako 2018/4/30 21:52
To get to the hotel from Togendai (right by the lake):
- Are you going to have a Hakone Free Pass? Then you should be be taking Hakone Tozan Bus (covered by the bus), and you'll get off at Onsen-sou bus stop. From there it will be 5 minutes by the hotel shuttle bus. If you can call the hotel from Onsen-sou bus stop, they will come pick you up. Or if you cannot, you might want to take a taxi from Togendai.
- Or you can take Izu Hakone bus (not covered by Hakone Free Pass), then you can go to Ubako, from where it is a 5-minute walk.

To get to Odawara from the hotel:
- There is Izu Hakone bus that goes direct to Odawara.
- Or you can take the ropeway to Togendai, and take the Hakone Tozan Bus from there direct to Odawara.
Ask at the hotel for timetable. (Also what you do depends on whether you will use the free pass or not.)
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Re: bus to ubako 2018/5/1 06:29
Hotel green plaza have free service transfer luggage to hotel from Hakone Yumoto station.
if I arrive Hakone yumoto station before 9am, will transfer luggage counter open in station?
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