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Vissel Kobe vs Shonan July 22 JLeague 2018/5/2 06:17

I would like to buy tickets for the football match Vissel Kobe vs Shonan on July 22 2018 in advance for my wife, my 3 children (12-13-14) and me as close to the pitch as possible.

Unfortunately all ticket buying information is in Japanese. Using Google translator I learned of the possibility to buy tickets in advance but you have to be a Japanese resident (?)

I even wrote to Vissel three weeks ago but they did not respond.

Has anyone information that could help us to attend the match?

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Re: Vissel Kobe vs Shonan July 22 JLeague 2018/5/2 12:42
It is not yet the release date.

I do not know which seat you want, but it is hard to see the whole in seats close to the pitch,
and as the number of tickets sold is limited, it is not recommended.

Basically both teams are not strong enough to make a top battle,
so if you're lucky you may be able to get on the day ticket
at studium sales window or convenience store in Japan.
Although you can buy it by phone, but do not know whether the operator can speak English,
so you should find a person who can speak Japanese in advance ASAP.
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