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What ceiling light socket is this? 2018/5/2 21:20

I have some ceiling lights, but the adapter looks like this:

My ceiling adapter looks like this:

How can I install my ceiling light? Do I need a special adapter, do I need to rewire it? If someone could explain this, I'd appreciate it.

by John (guest)  

Re: What ceiling light socket is this? 2018/5/3 18:54
At any home center/hardware store, and maybe at small shop electronics stores, you shoild be able to purchase the `male` (light fixture side) connector that will connect to the installed ceiling fixture (your second linked picture). So yes - you will need to rewire your light fixtures (removing that connector) to convert it to the Japan standard light fixture connector.

Just to be sure now... your light fixtures are built for 100v right? And not 220v?
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