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what words can be used for an ofuda 2018/5/3 12:28
I want to make an ofuda be no websites tell me what words or how there written please help me.
by Mirais (guest)  

Re: what words can be used for an ofuda 2018/5/3 15:46
Those are usually purchased at Shinto shrines. If you were to make one yourself, it wouldn't have the blessing of a priest and therefore would be useless.
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Re: what words can be used for an ofuda 2018/5/6 14:30
-- Ofuda of Shinto Shrine --
Generally the name of the shrine or the spirit is written in black ink, and a red stamp is put on an ofuda.
Sometimes wish is written on it(e.g. Kanai-anzen, Shobai-hanjo, Shingan-joju etc.).
Some Buddhist temples, too, provide ofudas.

-- Japanese Animation and Comic --
Many psychic characters appear in Japanese anime and manga(e.g. Rei Hino in Sailor Moon, Reiko Mikami in Ghost Sweeper Mikami, Miroku in Inuyasha etc.).
They sometimes use ofudas, but these are very different from ofudas of Shinto shrines or Buddhist temples.

Why do you want to make an ofuda?
What's your wish or purpose?
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