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Shakuhachi on flight 2018/5/7 07:21
I bought a shakuhachi that is short enough to fit in my backpack. But I am not sure if it would be allowed inside the cabin or need to be checked..

I know blunt objects like baseball bats etc are forbidden inside but a flute of bamboo. Of course it could be used to hit someone in the head etc.

Since it was rather expensive and feels quite fragile I would rather avoid putting it in checked. Just making sure though.

How did you other people buying shakuhachi do?
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Re: Shakuhachi on flight 2018/5/9 13:56
I don't have any experience with shakuhachi, but since noone is answering...

I have been allowed to bring a full-sized umbrella onboard an international flight (I showed it at the check-in counter and it was no problem).

I would say something that fits inside your backpack should be fine, but if in doubt, call the airline with the measurement and the material. If you want to check it in, it would have to be inside a hard suitcase with plenty of cushion around it.
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Re: Shakuhachi on flight 2018/5/9 14:58
There is always the not-so-known option of having the cabin crew stow it for you in the cabin where you wouldn't have access to it. It's a musical instrument, but if it may be deemed a possible blunt weapon, ask the cabin crew if it is possible to have it locked up for you.
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