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What Osaka pass should I buy? 2018/5/10 11:45

I'll be travelling to Osaka and Tokyo for 8 days and 4 days respectively. With the many rail passes available, I'm unsure of which one I should get or if I should get one at all. A JR pass does not pay for itself and I'm looking at the other passes like Kansai Thru Pass, Osaka Amazing Pass, and Yokoso Osaka Pass, alongwith the day passes for Tokyo.

For the 8 days in Osaka, the rail station that my accommodation is near is on the "Nankai Railway". The passes only last to 3-5 days and I'm unsure of which pass and if I should buy a mix of them. I'll be travelling to Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, visiting local attractions such as Dotonbori, Umeda Sky Building, Instant Ramen Museum and a couple more local stations.

If anyone has any advice regarding this, I will greatly appreciate your advice.
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Re: What Osaka pass should I buy? 2018/5/10 17:38
you don't need to stick to passes. you can use IC cards and can buy regular tickets, as same as locals.
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