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Advice for Kyoto & Osaka 2018/5/10 20:01
Hello! Hope to get some opinions regarding my itinerary as well any travel advice :)


I'm planning on a two days trip to Kyoto, staying over at an capsule hotel called 9Hours.

Day 1:
- travel to Kyoto using the Keihan Main Line to Fushimi Inari Shrine
- Kitano Tenmangu Shrine
- Kinkakuji
- Gion

Day 2:
- Nishiki Market
- Yukata dress up experience
- Kiyomizu Dera (saw that this is under constructions though - is it still worth a visit? or is there any other places that I should replace it with?)


Will going to the Osaka Castle, Ikeda & the Umeda area in one day be too much?

I'm planning on going to the Castle in the morning, then the Cup Noodles Museum before visiting the Umeda Sky Garden, Pokemon Centre, and doing some shopping around the area.
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Re: Advice for Kyoto & Osaka 2018/5/13 12:28
When will you travel?
How is your whole itinerary?

In Kyoto, Nishiki Market is near your hotel; the other five destinations are in a few different directions.
I suppose you can go around Fushimi Inari Shrine + Kiyomizu-dera Temple + Gion district in one day and Nishiki Market + Kitano Tenmangu Shrine + Kinkakuji Pavilion in the other day.

I would pay a visit to Kiyomizu-dera Temple;
even during the renovation works of the roof, you can get into the main hall,
though views from the stage would be different due to the scaffolding.

Will you stay overnight in Osaka, or go back to Kyoto?
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Re: Advice for Kyoto & Osaka 2018/5/13 22:36
I was in Kyoto and Osaka like 5-6 days ago, you're in for such a treat!
Here are my thoughts/suggestions. I never went to Nishiki Market or Kitano Tenmangu Shrine so I cant speak much on those areas so if my suggestions are pretty much based on a lack of knowledge for those areas. I also didnt spend too long at any of the destinations besides Kiyomizu Dera/Fushimi Inari (not much to do after you see the scenery and get your shots, with some exceptions of course)

Day 1 (are you already in Kyoto? If you are then continue)
-Early start to Nishiki market (assuming similar to Tsukiji in Tokyo)
-Nishiki to Kitano Shrine
-Kitano Shrine to Kinkakuji (30mins here enough)
-Kinkakuji to Another place (I'd suggest Arashiyama-town is nice Id say 2hrs, town is big)
-Arashiyama to Gion (the shopping strip opens to about 8pm, they start closing after)

Day 2
-EARLY START FUSHIMI INARI - it gets SUPER busy after 9am and progressively more busy. We were there at 8.30am and there was already a trickle. Although...I was there during golden week (silly me). Give yourself 90minutes to get to the top and back depending on fitness.
-Fushimi Inari to Kiyomizudera - Keep in mind that theres lots of stalls on the way up. When you get to the main hall you can pay to walk through the main hall and to the side pagodas. We did, in the hopes of getting one of those typical google image photos however a large side section is under construction so that sorta ruins your photo. Would I do it again? Probably not. Its about 400 yen to do the walk through so its up to you (not too expensive but it does take a bit of time). Give yourself at least 1hr or more here. I imagine this is also where you want to get into your Yukatas.
-Nijo castle (more like a palace - give yourself 1hr here). Id suggest reading all the stuff, history is quite interesting.
-Heian shrine. Both Heian Shrine and Nijo castle should be in your area. (I actually think Heian Shrine and Kiyomizudera were on the same bus route)

Some things to keep in mind is that many of the buses operate on a loop so you should always have an idea of where youre going. Try to get a route map and if youre lost just try to match the characters to what it says on the bus' display screen.

Have fun on your trip :)
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Re: Advice for Kyoto & Osaka 2018/5/15 05:31
Kiyomizu dera is definitely still worth visiting, it was a bit disappointing that they didn't tell you before you pay and go in, and the picturesque photo that most people take is very anticlimactic. But, it's a great place to look around and very interesting with great views.

On a side note, if you're doing a temple/shrine walkabout day or two and it's warm, take mosquito repellent as we all got bit like crazy.
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