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What is college life in Japan like? 2018/5/10 20:16
My name is Muhammed and I live in Germany.
I'm a high school student.
I just wanted to ask what Japanese college live is like.In Germany after finishing high school you just enter college.But the graduation is really hard.I'm interested in studying in Japan.
My college is partner with a college in Japan.
I heard some people saying that I just need to learn for entrance exam and that's it..But is it really true?What is college their really like?
I want to study computer science.I'm learning Japanese right now but if I don't pass the japanese exam can I study in English?

Thanks for reading!
by Muhammed Ahmed (guest)  

Re: What is college life in Japan like? 2018/5/11 21:45
Welcome to japan. Under exchange programs, you are permitted to study 6 months to 1 year without any tuition fees in Japanese college, most of their study programs taught in English. But Japanese language is compulsory.
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