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Baseball Game Seating Question 2018/5/12 23:21
I want to buy baseball tickets, but I'm confused about the seating.

Please look at the link below.

I want to buy Chunichi Dragons tickets.
In the first photo, rrPۑ means the seats are near first base?

Please look at the link below.

In the second photos, there are multiple seat numbers listed.
Those two are next to each other, correct?
I need two sets next to each other.

WQ[g PSʘH qQO 126
WQ[g PSʘH qQO 127

In the US, I was able to look at a map and pick my seats.
Is that not possible here?
I want to buy my friend REALLY good seats for his birthday.
But I can't tell if the seats are good without looking at a map.
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Re: Baseball Game Seating Question 2018/5/13 12:59
Input that seat number, then click (kensaku =search) button, very easy.

(nai-ya) is infield, position number 1 to 6 is so.
Position number 7 to 9 is O(gai-ya) = outfield.

That game date has already entered the rainy season(called ~J tsuyu),
and depending on the standing of DeNA, the number of fans may be not so much.
Immediately after payday may also have an impact.

And usually we use "Dragons" than Chunichi, not only in local.
DeNA is called DeNA now,
but many old fans are still using home studium city name "Yokohama".
Also "CENTRAL LEAGUE" is shoten "Ce(Z=Se) LEAGUE",
"PACIFIC LEAGUE" is "Pa(p) LEAGUE" usual.
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