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Looking for doorknobs, fabrics, etc - Osaka 2018/5/12 23:26
Hi, will be in osaka for a few days, and my aunt is asking me to look for places i can buy good quality doorknobs, hinges, fabrics, etc in osaka at 3 price points (cheap, midrange, and expensive)-- anything japan or germany made?

anyway, were also looking for fabrics, but dont know any palces with good selection...
I read there are some in 100 \ stores and tokyu hands, are their selections any good? thank you!
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Re: Looking for doorknobs, fabrics, etc - Osaka 2018/5/13 13:50
Larger Japanese DIY stores carry a wide range of doorknobs, hinges etc in a variety of prices. Whilst I haven't bought from Osaka ,I have bought from Tokyo DIY stores, fittings for my wardrobes, track etc. Just google DIY stores Osaka, and you will find their addresses, usually with a location map.

If you have an opportunity to get to Tokyo, there is Nippori Fabric Town, near JR Nippori station for anything fabric, but I'm not familiar with Osaka. If you are staying in a hotel ask at the concierge. I remember a fairly large fabric shop in Kyoto, as I walked down from the Nishiki Market, almost opposite Daimaru.
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Re: Looking for doorknobs, fabrics, etc - Osaka 2018/5/18 00:43
I have never been, but this place looks pretty legit for fabrics.

The ]β“Xlocation is what you want. Copy/paste ‘εγ•{“cŽs–L’Γ’¬13|38 to google map and you're good to go.

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Re: Looking for doorknobs, fabrics, etc - Osaka 2018/5/20 20:02
For fabric there is a large fabric and craft store in Kobe called Yuzawaya it is several floors of the shop space. Osaka has Yuzawaya as well but Osaka location is not very big and only 1 floor of shop space. Kobe is next to Osaka and you can take a JR train to Kobe and Yuzawaya is in walking distance from Kobe Sannomiya JR station. This page shows the map of the Kobe location
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Re: Looking for doorknobs, fabrics, etc - Osaka 2018/5/24 16:36
If youre near namba , toraya is a well known shop. It has been mentioned before, but yuzawaya is also in namba (and some other locations).
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