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September 22 days itinerary 2018/5/13 02:52
We have a general draft of an itinerary, and I'd like to have your opinion on how to order the itinerary best:
1. Tokyo (including 1 day in Fuji Q park) - 6 days
2. Nikko - 3 days
3. Alps (Kamikochi, Kiso Valley, what else should we do?) - 3 days
4. Hiroshima (including Miajima, and Shimanami Kaido) - 3 days
5. Kyoto + Nara - 3 days
6. Osaka - 2 days

some questions:
1. what would be a good order, in order to minimize difficult travels, and minimize costs (a.k.a - utilizing a JR pass probably)
2. I read it is possible to buy to-and-return bus tickets including entrance to Fuji Q park for about 7500Yen PP, but couldn't find how.. is it really possible?
3. How should I handle the Shimanami Kaido? I wish to do it in one day, where should I start and where should I finish - in terms of transportation to the next destination
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Re: September 22 days itinerary 2018/5/13 10:15
Kyoto and Osaka are within 30 minutes of each other. So I'd just combine the two.

The order you have listed your travels is okay in sequence of travels.

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Re: September 22 days itinerary 2018/5/13 16:23
I'm with @Hakata14 regarding Osaka, Kyoto & Nara They are ideally placed to stay in one location & visit the other sites. Osaka to Kyoto is 30 minutes & 560 Yen by train and a ticket to Nara is about 800 Yen. I personally would take a day from Nikko & add it to the Osaka/Kyoto portion of the trip as there is so much you can do there.

Regarding the Shimanami Kaido. If the weather is nice it's a lovely day out. The easiest way given your itinerary would be from Onimichi to Imabara. There are three buses a day back to Onomichi, see this old thread, Unfortunately the linked homepage is only in Japanese & mainly images so wont go through Google Translate.
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