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Restricted Ghibli tickets online? 2018/5/13 15:37
I just tried to purchase Ghibli tickets for late June (there is online facility managed by Lawson for overseas visitors
I was surpised that tickets were already sold out. My question is: are tickets via this facility restricted? If I asked a local japanese friend to buy in Lawson, would tickets also be sold out or would there be more tickets if bought locally in Tokyo?
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Re: Restricted Ghibli tickets online? 2018/5/13 20:40
I am a Japanese and of course can read Japanese language. So I googled the Ghibli ticket in Japanese and found this Lawson web page.

Sale for June

The result.

Correct me if I am wrong, but there seem to be some vacant day/time frame for the Ghibli museum. To buy ticket, there seem to be no restriction for the nationality. You must read the website (probably only in Japanese) and become a member of Lawson Web (As far as I read, don't need the actual address, but only e-mail address).
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Re: Restricted Ghibli tickets online? 2018/5/13 21:58
I assume you have read the instructions on the English Lawson website you linked OP. What they fail to mention is that tickets sell out on the day they are released. IE - tickets for June will be released on May the 10th and they will all be allocated/sell out on the date of release.

I bought my tickets 5-10 minutes as soon as they were available and even then - I only JUST got tickets (website keeps crashing as well). I recently went there and the line is exceptionally long to even get INTO the museum even if you have a booking/ticket so its a pretty hot destination...

If you MUST go in June I'd suggest that as soon as you get to Japan, go to a Lawson convenience store (they are pretty much everywhere) and try to buy local tickets from a vending machine. There is a guide on Youtube on how to buy them I think. There may also even be an "English" option at the vending machine - if not you can even ask a local as they are quite helpful.

Good luck :) It was amazing!
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Re: Restricted Ghibli tickets online? 2018/5/13 22:57
A few comments:
- the museum is incredibly popular and tickets are hard to get.
- the museum is actually really small - it cannot cope with lots of people, so ticket numbers are severly limited.
I have been (twice), but not for a few years. Getting tickets is very difficult, and the resellers doing 1000% mark-up are not really helping anyone .
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Re: Restricted Ghibli tickets online? 2018/5/14 08:43
Thanks everyone for ur replies.
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