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Hokkaido 27 May till 4 June itinerary 2018/5/14 14:27
Good day! Would like to inquire recommendation itinery for Hokkaidao trip 7days 27 May till 4 June.4 pax in a family.Thanks!!
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Re: Hokkaido 27 May till 4 June itinerary 2018/5/14 17:06 look through this and see what you're interested in. We can't tell you what to do on your holiday.
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Re: Hokkaido 27 May till 4 June itinerary 2018/5/14 22:53
Hi Sal, thx for your reply. Here's my 2 options . Kindly commend thx..

1 28/5/19(Sun) Sapporo

2 29/5/18(Mon) Sapporo to Furano

3 30/5/18(Tue) Furano-Biei- Asahikawa

4 31/5/18(Wed) Asahikawa-Kamiyubetsu-Lake Saroma-Abashiri

5 1/6/18(Thu) Abashiri - Higashimokoto Shibazakura park- Utoro

6 2/6/18(Fri) Utoro -L Kussharo - L Mashu - Akan (ON)

7 3/6/18(Sat) Akan - Sapporo (ON)

8 4/6/18 Sapporo to Chitose . 9 am
I think I need to rent acar for this.. Right ?

Option B
D1 Chitose to Tomamu
D2 Tomamu to Furano
D3 Furano to Biei - Asahikawa
D4 Biei- Asahikawa
D5 Asahikawa- Sapporo
D6 Sapporo to Otaru to Hakodate
D7 Hakodate to Chitose
D8 Chitose 9 am flight
This itinery is it convinient that I take public transport ? Or that rent a car..
As understand that this season Furano and Biei flowers not blooming yet right?
3 adults and 1 child.
Appreciate your feedback.. Thx!!
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