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Yushukan war museum and police around 2018/5/19 17:37
Hello i was in yushukan war museum twice and in nearby streets was always big number of police men and security even road blocks. And am interested did anybody know what is so important with that tight security ? They never bother me but it seems they move cars and some people away from their direction.

Thank you for answer.
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Re: Yushukan war museum and police around 2018/5/19 20:09
There is a reasonable amount of controversy related to the Yushukan War Museum and adjoining Yasukuni Shrine. This shrine (with the purpose of honoring war dead) has been run and operated by a non-government organisation (NGO) since the separation of Shinto and State after the surrender of Japan after WW2.

The NGO from memory enshrined some former soldiers who were tried for war crimes in the 1950's which has caused significant friction between Japan, China and the Koreas. The continual police presence is probably related to the small but vocal minorities who strongly oppose or support the shrine. So to put it simple - it's to keep the peace for a controversial topic in Japan.

Others will know the basics better than I and I've tried to stay out of the politics behind this topic.
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Re: Yushukan war museum and police around 2018/5/19 20:16
That museum is in the area of the Yasukuni Shrine, a shrine which commemorates the dead in the service of Japan from 1868 to 1954. Obviously, this includes those who died in the service of Japan during the Second World War. It includes those who were convicted of war crimes.

There has always been a controversy about visiting the shrine in an official function.
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Re: Yushukan war museum and police around 2018/6/17 06:05
thank you for answers
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Re: Yushukan war museum and police around 2018/6/17 14:56
No, the answers already written are half correct, so that is not all.

Although Yasukuni Shrine had been subject to security for a long time,
but One Chinese in 2011 and two Korean in 2013 and 2015
who received "anti-Japanese education" caused "arson" and "bomb" cases as international problem.
Since that time, the security system has been strengthened and still keeping to the present.
Although the number of Chinese and Korean tourists has increased very much in recent years,
but it is very convenient for those who are thinking about causing a bad incident in Japan now.
Most Japanese are thinking Chinese and Korean tourists are not terrorist group like "ISIL",
(they also killed two Japanese in somewhere of Middle East)
however, the Japanese government is not and has raised the alert level.
(Although there is a North Korean problem, too.)

She is not an international politics expert, (one of amature YouTuber)
but her guesses that against the background of in this case makes it easy to understand
even foreign travellers of no related WW2 countries.

Although this is not directly related to this question, "thought education" and "abuse of collective psychology" are one of the political strategies that have been done since a long time ago.
This manga(comic) is one of the famous works(big titles) written by Japanese,
in vol.3(anime ep 5) episode "Paris under the roof(Yane no shita no Pari)" is a one of good story.
This and other episodes are not talking about contemporary war,
but I recommend reading(or watching) because there are many parts in common with the present.
I haven't confirmed whether the contents of the English version
or the dubbed version are correct or not, but you can enjoy any episode.
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Re: Yushukan war museum and police around 2018/6/17 21:41
That police presence has been there since at least the late `70s... if not before.
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