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3 red dots 2018/5/26 04:02
Hello, is there a way to see a complete list of all Japan's top sites considered by Japan Guide with the 3 red points?
by nika123  

Re: 3 red dots 2018/5/26 09:25
You can click the 'see all destinations' link on the first page. It will show you all destinations with their rankings.

Just to point out that these rankings are subjective as they are voted by common users. So going just by the ranking alone will not provide you with the best info, as you interests can differ from others.
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Re: 3 red dots 2018/5/26 11:29
The three red dots are ratings by the staff.
The five stars are ratings by the users.
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Re: 3 red dots 2018/5/27 09:51
Still subjective whether it is users or staff. So one still needs to make their own decision about must see destinations.
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Re: 3 red dots 2018/5/28 01:55
Currently I use the top indication for places to avoid and spend my time elsewhere at the lesser known places. I've been visiting Japan every 2 years since 1996 to visit the in-laws; the last few years, the so called must-see, three dot places are getting ridiculously crowded; who wants to visit Kyoto these days? :-(

The good thing is that I discovered that the lesser known places are more often than not, more interesting and more beautiful :-)
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Re: 3 red dots 2018/5/30 10:20
I've not gone to Japan as long as you, I started in 1999 and a took a hiatus from 2011-2015, but I find while Kyoto is super crowded now compared to what it once was, there are still places in Kyoto that are not insanely crowded. I was really shocked by how empty Ninnaji was when I visited. I don't know if I was just lucky or what, but particularly after Kinkakuji the difference was striking.

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