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Nagashima onsen in Takayama, Nagoya 2005/5/4 04:21
I found this Nagashima Onsen in Hida Takayama from your guide about Nagoya.. There are links to their website but I can't read the Japanese.. I know there is JR train to Takayama, but I wonder how to get to this Onsen from Takayama Station..

by Yves  

... 2005/5/4 08:25
I am not aware of a Nagashima Onsen near Takayama. It would help a lot if you could provide the address of the website which you cannot read!

There is a Nagashima Onsen near Nagoya. It is most famous for a large amusement park called Nagashima Spa Land. Do you mean that Nagashima Onsen?
by Uji rate this post as useful

Nagashima onsen, near Nagoya 2005/5/5 00:51
The website is as follows:

This place is hugh and has a lot of different types of outdoor onsen.. love it

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Hida Takayama, near Nagoya 2005/5/5 01:08
I also find "Oku Hida Hot Springs Village" from this website:

Is Takayama the same as Hida Takayama? From this website I can see a 'map' with many visitor attractions, but wonder if these places are within walking distance after getting off from the Takayama Stn? Thanks
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Nagashima is MIE 2005/5/5 05:49
Nagashima-onsen isn't near Takayama. That area is one of the biggest amusment area which include hotel and spa. If you live near Nagoya,You can get a bus from Nagoya station. Or It's easy access by car.It takes about 20min if you use highway,which is ISE-WANGAN dou. It's new and not busy road except on holiday.
by Nana rate this post as useful

... 2005/5/5 10:49
As mentioned by Nana, Nagashima Onsen is nowhere near Takayama.

Is Takayama the same as Hida Takayama?

Yes, it is the same. Hida is the name of the region, where Takayama is located, and it is often used together, probably to distinguish it from other places called Takayama (there are hundreds of them across Japan).

From this website I can see a 'map' with many visitor attractions, but wonder if these places are within walking distance after getting off from the Takayama Stn?

I assume you refer to the following map:

Only the attractions in the "Urban Area" can be accessed on foot from Takayama Station. All the other attractions, including the hot springs are quite far away and need a bus or car to be accessed.
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Nagashima onsen near Nagoya 2005/5/5 23:31
Thanks Nana & Uji..

(1) Nagashima onsen (or you call it Nagashima Spa Land) is near Nagoya, can get there by bus from Nagoya Stn.. (2)Oku Hida Hot Springs Village is in Hida Takayama, need to take a train from Nagoya to Takayama first, and from Takayama Stn need to take a bus to get there..

As a traveller and don't speak Japanese, transportation of how to get there is my prime concern, and wonder what number of bus from Nagoya Stn to Nagashima Spa Land, and from Takayama Stn to Oku Hida Hot Springs Village, AND do they provide shuttle bus, that would save my worry from getting lost :)
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how long will it take to the park 2005/12/17 17:48
what is the faster way to go to the Nagashima onsen ,by bus or others public transportation? and how long will it take to go there from JR station (twin tower)
by Joyce rate this post as useful

... 2005/12/18 09:05
The direct bus from Nagoya Station takes 45 minutes, costs 1000 Yen one way or 1800 Yen for a round trip, and there are departures every 15-30 minutes from Meitetsu Bus Center next to Nagoya Station. During the morning there are also some departures from Sakae Bus Terminal. The buses are operated by Meitetsu and Mie Kotsu.

By train, take either the JR Kansai Line or the Kintetsu Nagoya Line from Nagoya Station to Kuwana Station (20-30 minutes, 330 Yen by JR or 20 minutes, 430 Yen by Kintetsu), and then take a Mie Kotsu Bus from the station to Nagashima Spa Land (25 minutes, 500 Yen, departures about every 20 minutes).

Personally, I would certainly take the direct bus.
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Nagashima 2007/12/3 23:45
is there anything else worth a visit at Nagashima? I m not interested in the Spaland
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Holy Cow! 2007/12/4 03:56

thanks for showing me this site. Haven't been there yet, I really like the looks of outdoor onsen there especially the one with jaccuzi mode. Has anybody been there? Is it busy place?
Looks like there's some jazz music thing going on there as well as shopping.

*This years Nagoya Eki illumination:

*Check other areas Xmas lights:
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