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Kamakura Overnight Trip or Day Trip 2018/5/31 13:05
Hello there,

I plan to do an overnight trip to Kamakura and also visit Enoshima. Was wondering where will be the best place to stay in Kamakura that is near transportation hubs and also eateries.

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Re: Kamakura Overnight Trip or Day Trip 2018/5/31 17:25
If you would like to treat yourself, I'd suggest Iwamotoro Honkan at Enoshima. It is awesome with nice baths (a cave and a roman bath made in the 1920's). The food is Kaiseki but nearly all fish/seafood courses on the first night. If you have a Fuji facing room you get views of Fuji early in the morning. The breakfast is very Japanese but awesome.

There isnt much to do on Enoshima at night though you can walk up the stairs to the temple.
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