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Kansai Wide Area Pass day trips? 2018/6/1 00:35

Calling for suggestions!

We're spending 6 days in the Kansai region, and we're thinking of getting the Kansai Wide Area pass. We're based in Osaka, and we're thinking of a good day trip or two to complement it. We saw some itineraries such as Okayama + Kurashiki, but we were wondering if there are other destinations that are worth such a trip (maximizing the coverage of the Kansai Wide Area pass by the way)

We've been to Osaka quite a few times already, so our main visits other than the one above should just be Kyoto, Nara, and/or Kobe.

Any thoughts would be welcome. Thanks all!
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Re: Kansai Wide Area Pass day trips? 2018/6/1 14:02
Kii peninsula including Katsuura (onsen), Kushimoto (Cape Shionomisaki), and Shirahama.
Tottori (sand dune) and Kinosaki (onsen).
Hikone (castle) and Koka (ninja town).

You can only use non-reserved seat, but this restriction has one bright side: you don't need to reserve your seat in advance and decide where to go on you day of travel. As you know Japan is rainy country and you can see the cloud forecast map and decide where to go.
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Re: Kansai Wide Area Pass day trips? 2018/6/1 14:29
Amanohashidate (one of top 3 views in Japan):
Kumano (Historic shrines and pilgrimage path hiking) :
Kurashiki (Canal districts):
Takamatsu (It's on Shikoku, so you get to visit a different island via sea bridge):

And obviously Himeji Castle.

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Re: Kansai Wide Area Pass day trips? 2018/6/1 18:15
I haven't been to Osaka before, but tokyo it's four times, this November I will be visiting around Osaka, including Nara, Kobe and Kyoto, and one place I will visit and also I 'm getting the wide area pass is for Amanohashidate, Amanohashidate already covers majority cost of the wide area pass. As the poster above mentioned, A highly recommeded place to visit, and has been rated one of the top 3 scenic views in Japan.
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